Решения на задачите от лекцията – Условни конструкции

Решенията ми на задачите от тази лекция.
Ето условията:
1. Write an if statement that examines two integer variables and exchanges their values if the first one is greater than the second one.
2. Write a program that shows the sign (+ or -) of the product of three real numbers without calculating it. Use a sequence of if statements.
3. Write a program that finds the biggest of three integers using nested if statements.
4. Sort 3 real values in descending order using nested if statements.
5. Write program that asks for a digit and depending on the input shows the name of that digit (in English) using a switch statement.
6. Write a program that enters the coefficients a, b and c of a quadratic equation
a*x2 + b*x + c = 0
and calculates and prints its real roots. Note that quadratic equations may have 0, 1 or 2 real roots.
7. Write a program that finds the greatest of given 5 variables.
8. Write a program that, depending on the user’s choice inputs int, double or string variable. If the variable is integer or double, increases it with 1. If the variable is string, appends “*” at its end. The program must show the value of that variable as a console output. Use switch statement.
9. We are given 5 integer numbers. Write a program that checks if the sum of some subset of them is 0. Example: 3, -2, 1, 1, 8  1+1-2=0.
10. Write a program that applies bonus scores to given scores in the range [1..9]. The program reads a digit as an input. If the digit is between 1 and 3, the program multiplies it by 10; if it is between 4 and 6, multiplies it by 100; if it is between 7 and 9, multiplies it by 1000. If it is zero or if the value is not a digit, the program must report an error.
Use a switch statement and at the end print the calculated new value in the console.
11. * Write a program that converts a number in the range [0…999] to a text corresponding to its English pronunciation. Examples:
0  “Zero”
273  “Two hundred seventy three”
400  “Four hundred”
501  “Five hundred and one”
711  “Seven hundred and eleven”

Ето и линк към решенията:

П.С. Последната задача ( 11-та ) е доста интересна, не толкова сложна колкото, доста обемна за писане. Лично успях да я съкратя с досата с масиви, но е напълно възможно да се нарпави и с условни конструкции + switch.

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