Mind Map Presentation Project

So today me, and my team finished our site for the course – “Teamwork and knowledge sharing”, so i decided to make a short post about it, and show you what we have done! 🙂

What is a Mind Map ?

Qute from Wikipedia:

A mind map is a diagram used to visually outline information. A mind map is often created around a single word or text, placed in the center, to which associated ideas, words and concepts are added. Major categories radiate from a central node, and lesser categories are sub-branches of larger branches.Categories can represent words, ideas, tasks, or other items related to a central key word or idea.

Mindmaps can be drawn by hand, either as “rough notes” during a lecture or meeting, for example, or as higher quality pictures when more time is available. An example of a rough mind map is illustrated.

Other terms for this diagramming style are: “spider diagrams,” “spidergrams,” “spidergraphs,” “webs”, “mind webs”, or “webbing”, and “idea sun bursting”.(A “spider diagram” used in mathematics and logic is different.)

What is Mind Map Presentation Project ?

The main idea here is to make a site for mind maps developed for the book “Introduction to programming with C#” and to systemize them. The mindmaps where created by other teams for the course “Teamwork and knowledge sharing” and we made the site to host them.

What languages and technologies to we use to make Mind Map Presentation Project ?

The main technologies used where – HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery and a JQuery Plugin – Easy Tabs .

Where can i see the site and it’s code?

Here is the link to the site – Click

Currently Offline

And a link to its GitHub Repository.


From wordpress.com to our own WordPress ? How ?

In this article I will try to show you all the steps needed to move your content form wordpress.com to your own WordPress site.

1. We go to our blog’s – Dashboard, we go to the Tools menu and from there we choose Export.


2. From there we choose the export option we need. Personaly i recommend using the XML export and thats the method that we will follow. After we choose it it will generate an XML document that we can save on owr computer.


3. This all you need to do in your wordpress.com blog. Now – we go to our personal WordPress site с. Here we also need to go to our Dashboard, then go to the Tools menu, but this time we need the Improt menu.

4. After we inter the submenu we need to click WordPress, so we can install an import plugin:


5. In the next window i will leave to you, to decide what you need to choose 😀


6. After the successful installation we click this button and we are redirected to the import plugin :


7. And in the end we chouse the XML file we saved from our worpdress.org blog.



That’s it! If you have any questions at all – ask and I will answer. 🙂