Free Visual Studio?

Free Visual Studio? Is that even possible? The short answer is YES! And the long one – if you are a student you have a opportunity to get a free copy of Visual Studio Professional Edition 2013 (and also the older versions – 2012, 2010, 2008) + a couple more handy things from Microsoft – Dreamspark.

In the next few lines I will try to describe the steps needed to obtain a legal copy of Microsoft Visual Studio:

  1. We go to Dreamspark.
  2. We create an account.
  3. The first registration form is just composed of noting special – field, fields and more fields.
  4. Next step is verification. There are several ways to do it – trough university mail, trough an ISIC card plus some other ways, which we will not discuss here, simply because they are more trobulesome  (you need to copy documents which show that you are a student etc.).
  5. If you have verified successfuly, you will get this message:
  6. Next we go to this tab:
    And now we have access to a ton of free software!
  7. Which Visual Studio to download? – I recommend the 2013 version, and the easiest way to install it is through the Web Installer:
  8. Next we get this window:
    The next steps shouldn’t be that hard to follow, you need to download SDM-а, which in his turn downloads the Web Installer. After that it’s – Next, Next, Next.

Hope this helps, some futureC# developers 🙂