Free Visual Studio?

Free Visual Studio? Is that even possible? The short answer is YES! And the long one – if you are a student you have a opportunity to get a free copy of Visual Studio Professional Edition 2013 (and also the older versions – 2012, 2010, 2008) + a couple more handy things from Microsoft – Dreamspark.

In the next few lines I will try to describe the steps needed to obtain a legal copy of Microsoft Visual Studio:

  1. We go to Dreamspark.
  2. We create an account.
  3. The first registration form is just composed of noting special – field, fields and more fields.
  4. Next step is verification. There are several ways to do it – trough university mail, trough an ISIC card plus some other ways, which we will not discuss here, simply because they are more trobulesome  (you need to copy documents which show that you are a student etc.).
  5. If you have verified successfuly, you will get this message:
  6. Next we go to this tab:
    And now we have access to a ton of free software!
  7. Which Visual Studio to download? – I recommend the 2013 version, and the easiest way to install it is through the Web Installer:
  8. Next we get this window:
    The next steps shouldn’t be that hard to follow, you need to download SDM-а, which in his turn downloads the Web Installer. After that it’s – Next, Next, Next.

Hope this helps, some futureC# developers 🙂

Photoshop – Course Project


Abbout my Course Project:

After quite a few hours of hard work, another course is finished! So in this post, i decided to share my course project. Based on it we are allowed (or denied) to take our exam.

So here is the link to a png picture of my project:

And here is a link to the PSD file + some annimations I made 🙂 .

P.S. Bare in mind that if you want to open the animations you will need the Extended version of Photoshop 🙂

Aboute the Photoshop course:

If you are interested in the course and what to see what we were you to this past few months, you can visit it’s official page: Photoshop Course  , where you can find all of the materials and videos 🙂 .

All and all – it was a great course!

Mind Map Presentation Project

So today me, and my team finished our site for the course – “Teamwork and knowledge sharing”, so i decided to make a short post about it, and show you what we have done! 🙂

What is a Mind Map ?

Qute from Wikipedia:

A mind map is a diagram used to visually outline information. A mind map is often created around a single word or text, placed in the center, to which associated ideas, words and concepts are added. Major categories radiate from a central node, and lesser categories are sub-branches of larger branches.Categories can represent words, ideas, tasks, or other items related to a central key word or idea.

Mindmaps can be drawn by hand, either as “rough notes” during a lecture or meeting, for example, or as higher quality pictures when more time is available. An example of a rough mind map is illustrated.

Other terms for this diagramming style are: “spider diagrams,” “spidergrams,” “spidergraphs,” “webs”, “mind webs”, or “webbing”, and “idea sun bursting”.(A “spider diagram” used in mathematics and logic is different.)

What is Mind Map Presentation Project ?

The main idea here is to make a site for mind maps developed for the book “Introduction to programming with C#” and to systemize them. The mindmaps where created by other teams for the course “Teamwork and knowledge sharing” and we made the site to host them.

What languages and technologies to we use to make Mind Map Presentation Project ?

The main technologies used where – HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery and a JQuery Plugin – Easy Tabs .

Where can i see the site and it’s code?

Here is the link to the site – Click

Currently Offline

And a link to its GitHub Repository.


From to our own WordPress ? How ?

In this article I will try to show you all the steps needed to move your content form to your own WordPress site.

1. We go to our blog’s – Dashboard, we go to the Tools menu and from there we choose Export.


2. From there we choose the export option we need. Personaly i recommend using the XML export and thats the method that we will follow. After we choose it it will generate an XML document that we can save on owr computer.


3. This all you need to do in your blog. Now – we go to our personal WordPress site с. Here we also need to go to our Dashboard, then go to the Tools menu, but this time we need the Improt menu.

4. After we inter the submenu we need to click WordPress, so we can install an import plugin:


5. In the next window i will leave to you, to decide what you need to choose 😀


6. After the successful installation we click this button and we are redirected to the import plugin :


7. And in the end we chouse the XML file we saved from our blog.



That’s it! If you have any questions at all – ask and I will answer. 🙂

“Програмиране = ++ Алгоритми” – get a free online copy!



Extremely good news for everyone who likes programing and algorithms– the book “Програмиране = ++ Алгоритми”, by – Preslav Nakov and Panaiot Dobrikov, has now a free online version!

Knowing how difficult is to find a copy of the book this is great news for everyone interested in the field. Here is the release quote form the Facebook page (In Bulgarian):

“ Скъпи читатели, поради постоянното изчерпване на книгата “Програмиране=++алгоритми;” и трудностите с намирането й в мрежата за разпространение решихме да ви направим малък подарък, като публикуваме книгата безплатно в електронен вид (лицензът за разпространение се намира на страница 2):
С пожелание за много успехи: Панайот и Преслав”

The only thing i can say is – a big thank you to the authors and happy reading to us all 🙂 !

My GitHub repository

След като пресметнах колко време ми остава до изпита се оказа, че най-вероятно няма да мога въобще да наваксам със статиите за задачите от домашните и за това реших да споделя всичко каквото съм направил до сега от двата трака в GitHub  за тези от вас който има е интересно 🙂  Като цяло мисля че пиша относително лесен за разбиране код и не би трябвало да имате големи проблеми с разчитането му. Ако все пак възникнат такива – не се притеснявайте да ме питате за всичко което ви интересува.

GitHub Repo

П.С. Най-вероятно след изпита ще сменя адреса на блога ми ( най-после имам нов хостиг 🙂 ), така че очаквайте доста промени 🙂